What tags do you guys use the most?

I’ve been trying (as many do) to increase the finger tip traffic to my blog lately and I’ve found! That I am so clueless and helpless and I have little to no idea about hashtags and which ones I should be using. Nine times out of ten I just make up my own sad, sarcastic tags due to not knowing what to type in that little box that could mean a world of difference. So, maybe if anyone sees this post among the others on their feed, they could drop me a comment or something with a suggestion or two? I may be doing it right, guessing the correct tags simply because I’ve done some poking around… But I won’t hold my breath.

Please and thank you.


7 thoughts on “What tags do you guys use the most?

  1. WordPress keeps tabs on what tags are “trending” in a sense (https://wordpress.com/tags/). You could always take advantage of that list and manipulate your posts to fit. ‘Christmas’ and ‘Writing’ are both big right now, so maybe consider writing some Christmas-themed pieces? Also consider that the length of your post is something people will notice before they click to read the rest. Higher word counts (unfortunately) tend to scare people away. Mixing up your word counts might help.


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