It’s Okay and I’m Alright.

At times I forget you’ve moved
My mind tells me perhaps you
Are just away again
Visiting colleges
Seeing friends
And I want to believe it
But every day I wake reminded
I can’t seem to shake my fears

You’re so wonderful!
And they will see
The west coast isn’t too different
From the east
And they will see
Yeah they’ll love you
You’ll probably never come home
Oh they’ll love you
And you’ll love them

Because you’re different.
You’re so much more
Of a person than any of them know
And they’ll praise you
You’ll finally get
All of the recognition you deserve
And maybe you’ll like that
Maybe you’ll love it!

Because you’re so wonderful!
And they will see it
Because people are people
and they aren’t so different
On the east coast or the west
They will love you
Yeah I promise you
Oh I know
They’ll just love you
And you’ll probably never come home.


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