A Thank You: My Email to Amanda Palmer

Hi Amanda!

My name is Jean Louise and I will be throwing my first party this coming weekend. The first party that matters anyway. All of the other ones have simply been a good excuse to drown my young angst in. I am twenty four, going to be twenty five, and this saturday I am throwing a party for my friends. And their friends. And my family. And their family! I am so excited and I guess this email is just to say thank you.

My party is being held in a the largest backyard I could pick out amongst my friends which means it’s going to be in Chelmsford, MA. Quite the journey for some of my New Hampshire friends, the state that I’m from. But all of them want to make the drive. All of these people want to come together for one main reason and that is TO CREATE! Everyone is bringing what they love and what they’re good at, what they’ve created and what they want to create that day. There will be musicians playing music all day, girls dressed as mimes, people making and bringing food to share, my oldest niece is coming from the Cape to practice special effects make up on people (she is twelve and brilliant for the record), and so much more.

People are coming together to collect blankets that we will be donating to a homeless shelter, vegan friends making food to share with other vegans so they don’t starve all day (harhar), and just an overwhelming feeling of people loving and taking care of each other while sharing what they love and care about. Amanda I can’t describe to you the kind of feeling this gives me. I cry when I think about how excited and happy people are, when I think about how all they want to do is help and be present, how they just want to share and be heard.

I would have never thought to do this if it weren’t for you and the Art of Asking. I’ve been searching for something that made me feel this way for quite some time and I feel it was truly lost on me just how powerful bringing people together and giving them a chance to speak really is. Even now as I write you, I’m choked up.

All I wanted was to give people an outlet; it started with just a handful of friends and then word spread like wildfire all over facebook and through word of mouth. I can’t believe the beautiful, positive feedback I’ve already gotten. I was so worried up until this point that it would be a flop, but the more I contemplate it the more I realize that nothing could ruin this day because I’ve already given these people what I could- a vessel, a microphone, an amplifier, a chance to be heard. And after finishing your book as well as learning more about myself and those around me I’ve found that, that is really all that some people are looking for.

Thank you so, so much for the read and the inspiration. Thank you for helping me find that piece that filled a void, yet again. You are a beautiful human being Miss Palmer. I’m so glad you exist in this crazy world.

Yours Truly,
Jean Louise.

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