An Era Made for Errors

we’ve been born into a century, an era, a moment in time built for technical difficulties. we were born into a world where we had to save every five minutes in case we crash. a hard drive. external memory. a machine in our head to control our mechanical mouths. spitting out number when they’re not needed. How do i encode a new personality? how do i make a new wallpaper as to appear a new person? does this website take visa? speakers that burst like ear drums. screens that scratch like lenses. pc’s that groan the way our stomachs do. eating up softwear. we’re so afraid of what we are. literally. tell me what the difference is between computers running the world and people running the world when everything we say is earlier computed. no reply. error. stand by. the little hour glass cursors appears behind our eyes.

bow out and shake hands. appear friendly. my head is throbbing

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