The net.

I’m nearly finished reading The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer and I’ve cried more through this read than I did when I read The Bell Jar for the first time. Amanda, though our lives terribly different, hits home with a lot of her words. I’m not reviewing the book right now, believe me please. I know anyone that is a regular reader must be terribly sick of my constant Amanda praising. I’m sorry, but not really…

The reason I brought up the book is because I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself while reading about Amanda and her adventures, her life. I’ve never related to another person that hasn’t been right in front of me, the way I have been able to in this case. I need to take breaks from reading because I become exhausted. I become flushed with emotions with every page. I can’t count how many times I’ve caught myself smiling through tears, which then caused me to laugh at myself. I couldn’t ask for more from a book. From anything.

I’ve also learned that I need to become more comfortable with asking. I thought about all of the moments recently that I could have benefitted from asking for a hand, an ear, an opinion, a shoulder, a dollar, a word of advice, etc. Then I thought further back and how beneficial it truly would have been when I was younger if I just knew how to ask. I didn’t. I don’t. But I’m trying and this is going to be my very first big step.

I’m asking you to share my blog with your friends. A single post, the whole thing, a story from my livejournal, a post with a particular playlist you enjoyed, a poem. Share it with someone you think might be able to relate. Share it because you have an anxiety riddled friend, a worrisome friend, a tired friend, a fan of music, your bored mother, your friend with the cold that can’t leave bed, basically- share it with anyone. Do me the favor.

In turn I want to do some nice things for the people that have been terribly supportive of all of my creative endeavors. It has felt nice to know that I have a little net of people that will forever be interested. I will be making small tokens of my appreciation for those of you that have been nothing but lovely toward me and helpful and available. Ready to read, ready to listen. If I don’t see you on the regular I may be asking for an address shortly. Or maybe I’ll get your address either way. I like sending things through the mail still. Its far more exciting.

I want to extend this net. I would love nothing more than to sit down next Christmas and realize that I need to send out dozens of Christmas cards. I want to help more people this year, creatively and in other ways. And at the same time, I want to get comfortable asking for the same. I want to write the words for someone’s storyboard, I want to learn ukulele and play songs for all of my friends to sing in and out of key along to, I want to trade what I’m okay at, I want to collaborate more. I need to feel connected.

So please, share me. Tell your friends I’m weird and kind of amusing to read, tell them I’m awful, tell them I’m great. I don’t care. Just tell them.

I’m hoping to start writing a new more creative piece soon. And next week I want to buy that ukulele so warm up your beautiful voices.

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