All the girls I went to high school with are feminists now.

Don’t get me wrong, equal rights are a beautiful thing. I can definitely get behind the cause, forever an advocate for the underdog. However, you will never hear me slap a label on myself. I won’t hashtag my photos with girlpower, I won’t spend my time spamming videos on peoples social media profiles, and I won’t make someone feel bad for disagreeing with me. Call me a part time player, but outside of this blog, you won’t find me running my mouth on the internet. The reason being, i’m not out doing anything to help. I’ve put in no foot work and I’ve donated zero dollars and zero minutes to the cause.

I’m all about raising awareness and speaking your mind. I think it’s very important, specially in a time where quite a bit of the population would rather allow someone else to speak and think for them. I dont understand trends though. I mean I do, obviously. They’re not difficult to comprehend- someone does something eye catching, someone else likes it and copies it, and now we have this snowball effect where everyone is doing something for the sake of doing something. Not for the sake of doing something they’ve taken the time to educate themselves on.

All in all, I suppose it’s everyones choice wether they donate and follow blindly- that’s what society as a whole has been doing for so long anyway. That’s what they know, that’s what they understand. I get that.

Regardless of how much I get something, it doesn’t mean that I get why people continue to do it. I’m about to complain, so please- bare with me.

A body is a body is a body is still a body. I understand loving and appreciating your vessel. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? A real fucking wonder when you think about it. It’s one thing you’re promised, you’ll live and die with your body. Of course you should be proud of it!

That being said, is it ok to post your nude body on a public website? Surely people shouldn’t be offended by your all natural state in a photo! Why, everyone has a body that they should love. If you caption the nude with “love my bod! #bodyposi #girlpower”, that makes it ok, right? Or if you choose the other route and don’t even bother captioning, that’s cool right?

Yes! Yes, all of that is good, fine, and ok. (Probably not what you thought I was going to say.) As long as you are aware of the backlash and consequences that come with making your vessel a piece of photographed meat for the harsh world of the internet to chomp at, like the sharks they are- then it doesn’t matter. I am on board with this if this is your choice, do your thing. But if you are posting somewhere public like a blog, a photo sharing community, on the internet anywhere- those photos of your body aren’t going away and anyone can find them. On accident or on purpose, your dad may some day see your free floating tits below your smiling, beaming face. Welcome to the internet; nothing isn’t permanent, nothing is truly private, no one cares.

Shit happens. I’m aware. (Ob-la-di ob-la-da) Life goes on. People overcome awkward situations. It’s whatever. But what are you changing by posting nudes to your instagram? To your tumblr? To your anything?

Maybe it’s not about that. Maybe it’s just being seen that matters for some people. I don’t understand the fascination of getting nude in the name of your internet audience. Go be a performance artist, start a career in porn, strip, something. Just please stop taking your clothes off for the sake of a trend.

Be greasy and make some form of a profit, be it in knowledge, educating an audience that willingly invests the time, stronger muscles, or straight up cash. Do it for a reason. Do everything for a reason.

This isn’t a stab at anyone specifically, it shouldn’t be considered a stab at all honestly. My opinion is just that, an opinion. And you probably think it smells like asshole. I’m okay with that (everyone loves their own brand).

This however, should be considered slightly stabby-

The only thing that confuses me more than the overwhelming amount of nudes in the name of cool on my social feeds are the girls saying we all need to love and support one another like family, like sisters- then turning around and saying awful things about females.

Tsk tsk, tsk tsk.

[at this point, readers and friends, you must think i’m a chronic fence sitter; I often voice my dislike for females. However, for every comment said about females out of frustration, there is one for males as well. I don’t enjoy most people. It’s not that I hate women, it’s not that I hate men. I just really, really dont enjoy humans. Sue me. If we all could coexist without being at each others throats then perhaps I would whistle you a different tune.. I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath though.]

I’m going to stuff my face with pizza now, work on more creative endeavors as well. I guess i’m attempting a scifi story, so there’s that.

Over and out.


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