“Yo. Science. What is it all about? Techmology. What is that all about? Is it good or is it whack?”

So, is anyone into videogames? I used to be a bit when I was younger but as time went on I found that I wasn’t really all that great at them and I lost interest. I’ll dabble sometimes, I played Boarderlands (the first and second) and some of that South Park game, Stick of Truth among a few others. For the most part though, I do the heavy looking on. It’s safe that way. But I have found in the last couple of months that I still enjoy a handful of rounds of Super Smash Brothers. My friends seem to enjoy Project M now that they have it so that’s where I’ve been getting my ass handed to me. I am still pretty godawful at the game, but I’ll say it’s a lot more entertaining now that I know what I’m doing. Believe it or not, button mashing really isn’t the best way to go about smashing your friends killer Peach he’s been using for the last who knows however long.

Blah blah blah, more here about how I enjoy a game again as if it has a bit to do with anything. Moving right along.

Nintendo just put out a Smash Brothers game for the 3Ds and my dudes have been killing their hands over it. I’m pretty sure by this time next year they’re all going to have nasty arthritic gamer hands, or at the very least Aj might. He cannot control his fingers, he needs to train them or something because they straight up have a mind of their own. That aside though, the game seems pretty cool if you’re into Smash Brothers to begin with. Because everything is on the internets now, you can connect with your friends if you have wifi and kick their ass from wherever you are. Just like your xbox. Just like your playstation. Just like your computer. Just like everything. So it’s pretty cool because it has that and it’s portable.

Aj bought Smash Brothers yesterday when his brother informed him that for his birthday he received a Ds (coincidentally the same one as Aj) and got the game as well. [When Aj’s Ds was bought he didn’t get insurance on it and was a bit worried that if he got too into this game he would surely break his device. (From a moment ago: “I’m going to fucking break this thing. I can already tell. I play too hard.”) Either the joystick would snap or he would smash his buttons far too hard. The game was not purchased immediately and I imagine it was very hard for him to hear all about the game from his friends, so kudos to him for holding out this long. I’ll cross my fingers that he doesn’t break it.] We went to Gamestop next to immediately and then headed to a friends house where he jumped back and forth between playing Smash on his Ds and on the wii. I admit, at first I wanted to shake my head. Why do you need that many things turned on at once? A Ds, the tv, the laptop on the desk is on talking to us about a game, everyones phones are buzzing and chiming, the netbook is heating my lap. I don’t know if it’s normal to look around and figure out how many things are “turned on” in a room (save your jokes), but I do it often and I always make myself sad.

[This post is also coming after I recently finsihed reading Ferenheit 451. I’m a little late on reading some very important books and this is one of them. If you have feelings, if you like reading, if you love words and books and stories and heroes and people who try to go against the grain- if you like feeling not so alone in your worry for the future, i hightly suggest reading this book. Right now there’s a copy out where Neil Gaiman writes a foreword and it is brilliant, a perfect preface to an extraordinary story. When I finished I remember wanting more and that is how you know a book is good. And if you want to argue, I’ll just say, there is a difference between wanting more and needing more. Go, go, go pick up the book- you’ll love it. I’d describe it here, but I’d rather not totally ruin it for you. Look up a description if you’re interested. You’re already on the interwebs, afterall.]

At the same time though, I’ll be the first to admit that I rely a lot on technology. I both love and hate it. I try not to sit on my phone when I’m in the company of others but at the same time, there are occasions where I think of something I really need to put somewhere and so I’ll do so on my phone. And I look like an ass. Because I could be actually talking to a person, but instead (they think) I’m texting someone who is somewhere else. Sometimes I am, I’ll admit. And believe me, I feel like the dick I look like. I’m working on it. I use a netbook to type up everything I post anywhere, I use the internet to show off all of these words I string together, I use the xbox to use the netflix app that connects to the internet so I can stream my favorite show Fringe. That hasn’t been on the actual television that this is all happening on in mmm, years. Yes, I love love love and hate hate hate technology so much. It creates walls and distance and all of these weird things between people.

But it doesn’t have to and I learned that this morning. Actually, about twenty minutes ago when Joey (Aj’s brother) facetimed us using his iPhone. [I hope all of you know what this is by this point in time since iPhone’s are not a secret and they release a new one for you to consume every other year or some ridiculous garbage… It’s probably less time than that.] He and Aj linked up on their Ds’ and are now able to play Smash Brothers together almost as if they were in the same room. This is kind of a big deal because Joe has been living in California for a while and the dudes can’t really bro down like they used to.

What blows my mind about all of this (sorry dudes) is that nothing used to drive me more insane than sitting in the room while they yelled at smashed buttons into controllers and laughed about things that I did not understand. I tried not to be a turd about it though, I found ways to entertain myself and I was fine. But I didn’t get it then and I suppose if I had to listen to any sort of nonstop gun shot noises and yelling without any sort of a story line to be seen (by me, who knows, there’s probably one) then I might still possibly off myself, but- It makes them happy. It’s what they have and it’s nice that because of technology they have that again.

[I know people are probably reading this and they’re like, uh you dumb girl- have you not heard of xbox live? of playstation’s whatever it’s called maybe it’s just called online? You fool! Yes well, I’m telling you a story and not focusing it soley on the consill, so calm down. And, Joe has a playstation three or something and we are riding the xbox out until it crumbles to a sad, pathetic, worthless pile of shitty ash. So the Ds is necessary and the facetiming is nifty because it’s like they’re in the same room.]

I don’t exactly know what the point was of all of this. I guess to say I’m coming to terms with some things, though I still think we rely way too much on computers to do everything for us. It makes my head hurt.

I feel a bit sorry about this entry, it isn’t all that great- my head is kind of scattered this morning. So, as an apology, I went through the effort of compiling a list of songs I’ll be listening to and I’m going to share them. In case you need a soundtrack to your web surfing or videogame playing or your story book writing or your drive to nowhere. Here you go. It’s short but if I decide to continue doing this, it may be more impressive next time. I found them on youtube so you could stream them on your fancy phones.

1. Amanda Palmer – Do You Swear to Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth so Help Your Black Ass.
2. Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution – Here’s to Life
3. Conor Oberst – Cape Canaveral
4. Elliott Smith – 2:45 AM
5. The Dresden Dolls – Sing

That’s all for this weekend I think. I’m going to smoke a cigarette and perhaps work on some more creative endeavors. Enjoy your Sunday.

Over and out.

3 thoughts on ““Yo. Science. What is it all about? Techmology. What is that all about? Is it good or is it whack?”

  1. It’s spelled console. And having an xbox one has been the reason I am not writing anymore. That and the fact I have nothing to say. AJ and Joe and the dudes used to play shooters with me all the time, which has always been nice because it’s a way to have friends and be able to participate in an activity together even though you keep moving like we have. I’m glad AJ and Joe can enjoy smash bro’s together. My homies and I used to play the fuck out of that game in high school.


  2. I have xbox one and xbox 360. No playstation, I like to stick with what I know and maintain some brand loyalty.

    The paperwork is going through, Natalie is being medically retired and we’ll be moving back to New England sometime between now and next March. So I’ll be able to say hi in person more often than now.


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